YMY | Not Another Bloody Aussie – Part 2

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So last week I mentioned YMY began a photo series project called Not Another Bloody Aussie. Part 2 of the series is up and you can have gork at www.yingmerying.com


The Upsetter | The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry

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Looking forward to seeing this documentary about Lee ‘Sctrach’ Perry, a entertaining performer and one of the most creative musical producers of all time. To find out more head to the following link – www.theupsettermovie.com

YMY | Not Another Bloody Aussie

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YMY worked on a series of photos titled Not Another Bloody Aussie. ‘What is two things that London has an abundance of: bad weather and Australians!‘ This series of photos was apart of the Alien Nation group show at Great Western Studio in London which was inspired[nbsp]George Mikes’ 1946 book How to be an Alien. To see more of the photo series go to www.yingmerying.com


Meet Chimmy

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Please meet Chimmy, a customised postal bike by a friend. He asked me to customise the fuel tank old style.


Welcome To Gear

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A nice snappy mural for Gear with a spot of Dutch. Premier store for all your riding needs.




Haw × Feiyue Sole Burger Special | RECAP

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The other weeks I was invited to produce a piece for the Feiyue Australia launch organised by Acclaim. If you miss the show this what I created. The inspiration came about while driving pass a gas station diner/milk bar. So I decided to create something fun from the good old days of diner style food.

This Haw x Feiyue Sole Burger Special is ‘Freshness Guarantee’ with all the fresh trimmings. The custom burger includes all the premium felt trimmings of organic bacon strips, tomatos, lettuce, famous french cheddar, 100% Australian free range beef and the special gluten free Feiyue sole buns accompanied with pencil fries and a real icecream Haw shake. And for a limited time only if you purchase the Haw × Feiyue Sole Burger Special you will receive a free Hawphabet colouring in mat…

Thanks Acclaim for the hook up and Pounce for helping set it up.





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Last year my partner in crime Booÿ and I (aka Booÿ & Haw) created a series of limited prototype furniture pieces. They are now available for purchase, all you have to do is head to the Booÿ & Haw site (www.booyandhaw.com) and if you are interested in any of the pieces get in contact with us. Best get cracking as they are very limited…


Ying Mer Ying – Yan Ming

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Shooting only on film to capture to essence of the classic, the amazing, dreamy, nostalgic, surreal images of Yan Ming is the feature photographer on Ying Mer Ying to kick off 2011. To read what Yan Ming has to say about his craft head to www.yingmerying.com or to view more of Yan Mings works go to www.yanmingphoto.com


All images via  www.yanmingphoto.com

Haw × Feiyue

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Feiyue is celebtrating their ‘Australian Spring/Summer 2011 Launch‘ next Thursday with the party kicking off at No Vacancy gallery for the Feiyue Reinvention show. They invited Asia-Pacific visual artist Drew Funk, Prizm, Haw, Tom Vincent, Zxerokool, Mojoko, Hypethetic, SBTG and Steph Cop to reinvent some Feiyue shoes. For more details check the flyer or www.feiyue-shoes.com or www.acclaimmag.com (and a quick sneak peak below at the elements of my piece for the show… more soon…)


Sneak Peak…

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