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Feiyue is celebtrating their ‘Australian Spring/Summer 2011 Launch‘ next Thursday with the party kicking off at No Vacancy gallery for the Feiyue Reinvention show. They invited Asia-Pacific visual artist Drew Funk, Prizm, Haw, Tom Vincent, Zxerokool, Mojoko, Hypethetic, SBTG and Steph Cop to reinvent some Feiyue shoes. For more details check the flyer or www.feiyue-shoes.com or www.acclaimmag.com (and a quick sneak peak below at the elements of my piece for the show… more soon…)


Sneak Peak…

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Is It A Crime?

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Today is too pleasantly beautiful to be sitting indoors and working. It gorgeously sunny, a très beau breeze and al dente temperature.  Its a crime to good weather and I should be trialed and placed in weather jail.

The effort is being put towards this show on 3rd of February… Felt lettuce, beef patties, tomatoes or cheese anyone?…



Hell Yes!

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The Japanese certainly knows how to take shit to the next level and this 60ft Tetsujin 28-Go aka Gigantor is no exception. One of my favourite childhood cartoons has been turned into giant statue in the city of Kobe in Japan where the project is called Kobe Project which was completed late last year. This live size statue was built in the hope to bring more tourist to the area of Kobe (I really don’t think they will have a problem with people flocking to check this out). You can check out the whole process of how this was put together here, its quite amazing.



Image sourced via www.kobe-tetsujin.com

Got mail…

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Got mail yesterday for an upcoming project/show happening very soon. More details soon…


It sure won’t…

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Friday Night Viewing

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Gear – New Look

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The Gear store in Brisbane had a make over very late last year and I finally had a chance today to pop in and say hello. Its looking great, refreshing, black and white. They are stocking alot of good gear, frames, mags, dvds, tees, caps and anything bike related. They also have a online store if can’t make it to the shop. For more check out www.gearbrisbane.com


3 Years On…

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Back in January 2008 a website was born – Picture Of The Day, the mission: to take one picture a day for the rest of his life. Since then the man behind the lens hasn’t looked back and 1095 photos later it is Picture Of The Day’s third birthday. Looking through the photos day by day, month by month there is a sense of raw documentation of someone’s life, where they go, what they do, who they hang out with. Images taken at the right place at the right time, a moment in time that will never repeat itself with a sense of nostalgia.

Since Picture Of The Day started another photographic site called Ying Mer Ying was launched. The purpose of the site is to bring a collective of photographers together from around the globe and share their imagery delights with you. You can view more here.

So happy third birthday Picture Of The Day!


Image via POTD


Image via Ying Mer Ying

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